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Christchurch Infant school is committed to promoting the health and well being of its pupils and staff through physical activity. This policy outlines the organisation, teaching and management of physical activity at Christchurch Infant school.


The policy was formulated through consultation with members of staff, governors, parents and pupils.


Ethos & Environment

Christchurch Infant School strives to maximize opportunities for children and all associated with the school to be physically active by promoting all avenues for activity.  This includes the curriculum, environment and wider community.


Physical activity policy co-ordinators

The school physical activity policy co-ordinators are Sally Ladyman and Debbie Green


Physical activity aims and objectives

Aim: To ensure that all aspects of physical activity in school are promoted for the health and well being of pupils and staff.


Our specific objectives are as follows:


1. To enable pupils to understand the importance of physical activity through the provision of information

    and development of appropriate skills and attitudes.


2. To provide and promote opportunities for pupils to be physically active throughout and beyond the

     school day.


3. To encourage children to lead healthy and active lives.


4. To encourage children to be physically active for sustained periods of time.




Equal opportunintes


All physical activity opportunities offered at Christchurch Infant School are designed to be inclusive, and cater for different ability levels. For more information please refer to the Equal Opportunities and Gifted and Talented policy.


For vulnerable groups of children we set up extra sports clubs to promote a positive attitude to physical activity.




Resource provision

Christchurch Infant School has a school hall, which is equipped with portable and fixed apparatus for gymnastics and a music studio to support the teaching of dance. For the teaching of games, there is a large playground and a wide variety of resources for games. Resources for games, dance and outdoor activities can be found in the PE cupboard located in the hall. Planning resources can be found in the PE cupboard located in the hall and in Year Group Cupboards.


All Key Stage 1 classes have access to a ‘fit and fun’ box of equipment to enable them to incorporate small slots of activity across the school day.  All children across the school participate in ‘5 a day’ aerobic activities in the classroom. This is used daily in most classes and also used as a wet play activity.  In Foundation they not only use ‘5 a day’ but also utilise the dance programmes available on ‘Cbeebies karaoke’.


The school has a large playground, with a range of suitable markings. There is wide variety of playground equipment, located in the green sheds on the playground. This includes, throw and catch equipment, space hoppers, hoops, skipping ropes, ankle skips, tri golf, croquet and many other activities.  Portable football posts equipment are located in the Year 2 corridor. There is a free standing net for throwing activities in the throw and catch area and fixed climbing apparatus including a tunnel in the main playground. We provide a challenge of the week activity that is run by the playground buddies.



In the Foundation Base they have their own garden area where they have fixed climbing apparatus, a balancing beam and an all weather surface. The children have wellies and waterproof coats for use outside in wet weather. Located in the shed is a wide variety of throwing and catching equipment, tunnels, portable balancing equipment, stepping stones and hoops etc. There are playground markings that can be utilised for hopscotch and throwing activities and biking challenges. There is also a large selection of trikes and scooters children have free access to in the garden.


Each year new resources are ordered to replenish old/broken stock and provide and new resources.


Staff responsibility & development

Playground/Physical Activity co-ordinators: Sally Ladyman and Debbie Green

School Travel Plan Co-ordinator: Jane Ashenden


The Physical Activity Co-ordinators are responsible for the playground buddies, resources, liaising with lunchtime supervisors, the head of the TA’s and monitoring physical activity across the school day.  They are also responsible for setting up club links, taster sessions and signposting children to ‘out of hour’s school sports’. The co-ordinators work alongside the deputy head and the office staff ensuring a range of physical activities are on offer during lunchtimes and after school.


We provide annual CPD opportunities for all staff targeting individual and whole school needs. Each year we take a particular PE focus and target CPD opportunities towards this. We utilise a range of CPD. This includes, courses offered by county, courses provided by the ‘Christchurch School Sports Partnership’ and in house CPD arranged by the school.


Extra Curriculum provision

School clubs

In the Spring and Summer terms, we offer a wide variety of sporting clubs every day during lunchtimes as well as after school. Staff run clubs such as, dance, parachute, yoga, football and bollywood club at lunchtimes. Whilst outside agencies run a karate, ballet, yoga, multi-skills, squash and athletics club.



Using Government funding the ‘planet sport’ group run 2 weekly lunchtime sessions. These sessions are fun, aerobic based/circuit activities held in the playground, which all children can access if they wish.  This will continue to encourage children to keep an active lifestyle and reinforce how fun being active can be.



Pupils take advantage of a range of intra school and inter school competitions organised by the Christchurch School Sports Partnership. These include intra school multi-skills, quad athletics, mini Olympics and inter school events that include, multiskills, multisports, football, mini Olympics and playground activities such as ‘challenge of the week’. These events may vary slightly each year according to what inter school competitions are arranged.


Active travel

We encourage children in school to walk/ cycle or scooter to school. We do this by providing dry gazebos and canopies for anyone who came to school on foot or by pedal power. We also provide space for bikes or scooters to be locked up. Please refer to the ‘School Travel Plan’ for further details of how we promote travel to school.


Community partners / links

Outside School clubs

We have links with many local sports clubs and physical activity clubs that children can join. We currently have over 50 links with local sports clubs which include the following different types of sports/ physical activities:

Swimming, dance/drama, golf, gym, tennis, tennis, football, martial arts, trampolining, netball, rugby, athletics, running, cricket, bmx, skiing, horse riding, yoga, street dance and hockey.


Every year we send parents a list of all the clubs and their contact details we have links with to encourage the children and their siblings to join physical activities that interest them.


Every school year we also welcome a variety of external clubs to come and run taster sessions for either year 1 or 2. In Foundation we utilise parents to provide dance specific activities to excite the children, such as, Chinese dancing.


Linking with other Schools

We link up with the PE coordinators from the ‘Grange and Twynham’ school to utilise their expertise and arrange events, secondary school sports leaders can help run.


The Physical Activity co-ordinators meet regularly with other PE co-ordinators from the area to discuss specific elements of PE and Physical Activity, including arranging intra and inter events.


Christchurch School Sport Partnership

We utilise government funding to link with the ‘Christchurch School Sports Partnership’ who provides a wide range of physical activity opportunities.


Staff activity

Our staff aspire to be positive role models for our children. We aim to take part in physical activity whenever possible, for e.g. racing at sports day. Staff often play games with children at playtime and demonstrate physical activity during PE lessons.




Health & Safety

Please refer to the school’s health and safety policy and risk assessment file.

Use of any external personnel including sports coaches and volunteers will be in line with the schools policy on DBS / staffing checks.


The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share in this commitment.



The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share in this commitment.


Monitoring & evaluation

The Physical Activity co-ordinators will have lead responsibility for the monitoring of physical activity in the school. A range of measures will be used to evaluate the impact of the policy in line with the above mentioned objectives.


The Physical Activity Policy should be read in conjunction with the Physical Education Policy.



Policy date: March 2015

Policy Review Date: As and when required

S Ladyman and D Green



If you wish to find out more about your child's learning in this subject, please speak to your child's teacher.


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