Personal, Social and Health Education.


Children develop their self esteem and confidence and recognise their place as a member of a family, a school and of the wider community. They are actively encouraged to develop a healthy life style and identify how they can keep themselves safe in the world around them. They are encouraged to respect the differences between people and develop an understanding of people’s feelings and attitudes.  They do this using a range of ‘SEAL’ activities (Social Emotional Aspect of Learning). The school also has a school council to promote and value children’s sense of belonging and responsibility.

We have a Drugs and Education programme and a Sex Education and Relationships Policy, suited to the needs of young children. If pupils raise questions on such issues they are dealt with sensitively and parents are informed if necessary. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the PSHE co-coordinator through the school office.

The School is very proud to have achieved the National Award of Healthy Schools Status.


Our P.S.H.E policies are listed here. Please click to view or download.


PSHE&C Policy


Drugs Policy


Sex Education and Relationship Policy


If you wish to find out more about your child's learning in this subject, please speak to your child's teacher.


Whole School Food Policy



To ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in school promote health and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors of our school.



1.Review formal curriculum on a regular basis to ensure information relating to food and nutrition in different lesson areas is consistent and up-to-date.

2.Incorporate the message of good health into the Keeping Safe and Healthy fortnight held during the Spring Term.

3.Ensure that all children have access to drinking water.

4.Ensure that all children have access to a piece of free fruit or vegetable during the school day.

5.Encourage healthier lifestyles through the gardening club and the growing corner in the Science & Wildlife garden.

6.To provide parents with guidance as and when appropriate, such as leaflet on providing healthy lunchboxes, school nurse drop in sessions.



The Head Teacher is responsible for ensuring that a healthy diet and lifestyle is promoted within the school.


Teaching and Learning styles

There are different forms of curriculum provision that could incorporate the knowledge and understanding of Healthy Eating.

1.Science curriculum

2.PSHE curriculum

3.Keeping Safe and Healthy fortnight

4.Daily free fruit breaks

5.Unlimited access to drinking water

6.Promotion of healthy lunches and prohibition of certain foodstuffs.


Monitoring and Evaluation

1.Evidence from medium term plans and scrutiny of work will demonstrate the inclusion of food and nutrition into the curriculum.

2.Evidence from keeping safe fortnight on sessions relating to healthy lifestyles.

3.The school will maintain its National Healthy Schools award.

4.The school actively supports healthy eating and drinking throughout the school day.


The school provides free packed lunches for all pupils.


Policy Review

As and when appropriate

Reviewed March 2010







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