As children enter our school we intend to move their learning forward from each child’s unique academic starting point. We aim to make learning fun, enjoyable and accessible for all children.  We have high expectations of behaviour in Foundation and develop the children’s personal, social and emotional development to ensure children respect one another and adults. Our goal is to send children to their next class with a secure bank of early Maths and Literacy skills ready to access the Year One curriculum. We want our children to leave us as confident, well behaved, well rounded, active, independent learners who have a real passion for learning.





We deliver the Early Years Curriculum through a thematic approach, using a balance of continuous provision, teacher directed and teacher led activities. The balance of these approaches changes as the children move through Foundation, with the amount of teacher directed activities increasing as children prepare to enter Year One. Each class uses two adults to support learning, one teacher directing learning in small groups and another engaging with children in their play and investigation moving learning on from the point of interest.  We provide learning both indoors and outdoors and ensure a large range of opportunities allow for different types of learners to access the curriculum and to be inclusive. We provide many first- hand exciting experiences utilising the local community. Such as, the local farm, fire service, police, parents etc.

Reading and phonics are taught discretely through RWI, five mornings a week. CLL, Writing, Number and SSM are taught within discreet literacy and maths mornings. (See Maths and English curriculum subjects for more detailed information.)  Afternoon sessions are called  ‘Let’s Explore’. In these sessions children embed and develop the skills taught in the discreet sessions alongside other areas of the curriculum.   We teach the objectives set out within the ‘Early Years Framework- Developmental Matters Statements’ building up towards the ‘ELG’ objectives by the end of the year and creating opportunities for children to be taught and model objectives exceeding the ELG’s.

We use tapestry to assess pupils learning and where possible inform parents of their child’s next steps.  We work very closely with the parents and value their learning from home as well as at school by the use of ‘ WOW’s and the online learning journal.





Within the classrooms you will see confident, active, independent learners, accessing both indoor and outdoor provision.  The children will be moving their own learning forward, for example by the use of pencil targets in literacy and social scripting in PSED. They will have a good basic understanding of all areas of the curriculum. Their super work can be found in their folders, books and displayed around the classroom.  The children will leave the Foundation Stage as successful, proud and enthusiastic learners, ready and eager to embrace the Year 1 curriculum. On average most children make more than 12 months progress resulting in outcomes which match or exceed national data.



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