Christchurch Infant School Curriculum.


Our Aim


 Our curriculum, at Christchurch Infant School, is designed to promote progression in learning, building on children’s previous experiences, knowledge and understanding. It promotes the development of the basic skills of reading, writing and maths, throughout all subjects. Our curriculum inspires a love of learning through, developing positive attitudes to learning, the provision of engaging and age appropriate themes and offering first hand experiences, which aim to create life long memories. Our curriculum is underpinned by a clear set of principles, which shape the learning and experiences of every child. These principles ensure that our curriculum:


• is cross curricula, where appropriate, with a thematic approach


• provides purposeful, relevant and engaging  learning, with opportunities for first hand experiences


• promotes basic skills


• raises awareness of the community (both local and global) and the environment in which we live.


• provides opportunity for home learning


• is inclusive for all


• builds upon what children already know and enables them to contribute towards their learning journey


• is broad and balanced


• facilitates learning through being active


• promotes positive learning behaviours and social skills.




Curriculum Implementation.


In Foundation, children’s learning, works towards achieving the Early Learning Goals. These are taken from the document ‘Development Matters’. In Years One and Two, core learning outcomes are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum (Key Stage One). The curriculum’s key learning objectives are set out in our long term overviews, for each year group. Through medium term planning, much of the curriculum is organised into exciting themes, to support children in making strong connections between different areas of learning. Through our medium term plans, teachers facilitate a breadth of subjects across each year. Some subjects, including Computing, Music and P.E are taught within every theme, throughout the year. Other subjects, including Geography, History, Art and Design Technology are taught in alternate themes. The teaching of Reading, Phonics and Mathematics are taught as discreet subjects and, where appropriate, support learning in the Foundation subjects. Throughout all of the curriculum, teachers seek out opportunities to get children moving and learn through being active, not stationary.  This promotes children’s understanding of the importance of exercise as well as support metacognitive development.


Within each class, there is an expectation of time allocated to each Core and Foundation subject. This promotes balance within our curriculum design. In all classes, mornings are primarily focussed on the development of reading, writing and mathematics. After lunch, basic skills are promoted through the teaching of the Foundation subjects. Our curriculum also incorporates the teaching of British Values and promotes children’s social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development. This enables all children to experience and excel in a range of learning.



Curriculum Impact


 Our creative and exciting curriculum results in children who understand the importance of and model positive attitudes to learning. At Christchurch Infant School we see engaged learners, keen to talk about their love of learning. We find children, who are able to reflect on their own success and know how to improve. As a result, children understand the importance of being active, being supportive and socially aware of others. Most importantly, our curriculum results in well rounded individuals, who are well equipped and prepared for the next steps in their learning as they move on from our school.





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